Circa Hole Punch

So I grabbed myself a cover, a portable punch, a set of disks, and printed pages from the planner I use by the 3am teacher, found here. The pages I plan on using are month by month dividers, income and expense pages for my store, note pages, goal pages, and the calendar page.

The joy of this system is that if I change my mind in a week, and want to add something for lesson ideas, I can simply just print, punch and add! I don’t need a special machine to pull them apart, and I don’t have to lug a binder.

Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris

Today I’m linking up with Mrs. Harris from Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris.  And we are talking about planners!

I’m not a big planner person.  My OCD kicks in and I spend more time updating my planner than I do actually doing the things in it.  However, my Google calendar is a color-coded-Martha-Stewart-in-all-her-glory-worthy image of OCD alive and well.  I have slots for all my schools, performances, rehearsals, and even to dos, bills and payday all color coded to perfection.  Plus you can’t beat being connected to the computer and iPad at a moments notice.  Being on the go, and in an out of three buildings, plus home life and my choir, I just can’t bring myself to put that on paper.  Stopping to pull out my planner as the admin catches me running in the building, just isn’t practical.  I could carry it separately, but then you get into Michigan winter with the slush and snow.  I’m too klutzy to make this an option.

However, there are some things that just need to be written down.

My friends Elizabeth from Organized Chaos, Jennifer from the Yellow Brick Road and Shelley from Pitch Publications, have convinced me of the values of something called the Circa System.  They are basically like discs that allow you to take paper in and out more easily like a binder as well as adding things like tabbed pages, folios for smaller things, etc, but offer the size, flexibility and simplicity of a notebook.

I grabbed the travel hole punch instead of the full sized one.  If I’m out and want to add a paper, I’ll be able to.  I’m not planning on adding several pages at a time very often, so this is perfect.

My not yet filled planner

As you can see, I still have plenty of room to add pages!  I plan on keeping copies of my school calendars, and even important forms right in here so I can access them quickly.

Make sure you check out the original post and all the linked posts at the bottom for more great ideas on how to set up your planner! I’ve already gotten a few great ideas! I can’t wait to show you what I am adding next!!  How do you set up your planner?
My mostly empty calendar pages.  I haven’t added in too much yet from my school calendar, but I did manage to get July dates in.  I’ve had my Lutheran School calendar since May, so that one will go in this week, but the other two will have to wait until I get them in August.

My calendar - its mostly empty still!

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