The Cuckoo Clock {Steady Beat} {Ta TiTi} {High Low} {Sol Mi} Kodaly Folk Song

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A great song to prepare Level 1 Kodaly conceptsA great song for:-prepare, present, practice steady beat and rhythm of the words-prepare, present, practice Ta & TiTi-prepare, practice high/low-prepare, present, practice Sol & MiRhythm

100 pages – PDF


A great song to prepare Level 1 Kodaly concepts

A great song for:
-prepare, present, practice steady beat and rhythm of the words
-prepare, present, practice Ta & TiTi
-prepare, practice high/low
-prepare, present, practice Sol & Mi

Rhythm Slides
– beat icons
– rhythm icons
– slides to present Rhythm
– slides to present Ta & TiTi
– read the rhythm

Melodic Slides
– icons with words for high low
– icons with words for sol mi
– slides to present sol and mi (Slides for So/Mi as well)
– noteheads on staff with solfege and words (options for 3 and 5 lines, options for both on the lines and on the spaces)

Printables and Teaching Tools:
– worksheets to practice rhythm writing, and identifying the number of sounds – perfect for assessments!
– rhythm cards with both stick and regular notation
– projectable and printable tone ladders
– icon cards with rhythm pattern
– icon cards with melodic contour
– normal and stick notation cards with rhythm
– writing the notes on the staff for advanced practice
– beat charts

More to Teach Comparatives like High/Low
Other Resources for Steady Beat vs Rhythm
More Ta/TiTi Files
More Sol/MI Files

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