I travel between schools.   Last year, I was on a cart in one of those schools as I am for band class this year.  This year, I teach my preschool and elementary classes aIl in one place, but my band class is in another room, and the cart I use is shared.  I really needed something that I can toss those essentials that I can never remember into so I actually bring them to class, and for my elementary classes, make them really easily accessible.   My two small cabinets don’t hold a ton, so this definitely helps me to make sure I’ve got what I need within quick reach!  Here it is!
This tote by Craftsman (in other words – STURDY!) is amazing.  It has big pockets on the outside, small  elastic straps on the inside, and an incredibly sturdy structure.   Look at all the stuff I can fit here!  I just grab it, stick it on the cart and go!

I don’t think I’d survive without this tote.  I took this picture when it was cleaned out last week.  Right now, it’s gotten a little overloaded since I brought a few more puppets to school…! How much did this amazing thing cost you ask?  $13. Check it out here.

What organizer can you not live without?



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