You are probably overworked,
undervalued and a little bit tired.
But you still love making music with your kids.

We live in a world where music teachers are traveling, teaching reading intervention, and are fighting to keep kids in their classrooms instead of making up their missed quiz or leaving for their soccer game. It can be downright frustrating! Then you have to worry about play-based activities, assessment, STEAM, project-based and student-led learning, all while keeping in mind your budget (if you have one..!).

But I’m here to help.

I’ve been there. Music education is my passion. In the last 7 years, I’ve traveled, been on a cart, shared space, and have taught kids from 6 weeks old to 8th grade. I’ve even started three middle school ensembles – 2 bands and a choir. (They are my pride and joy!)  Carrying all those manipulatives and books from building to building and constantly scrambling to write things on little whiteboards as I went from place to place got old quick! I could never remember everything!

So I started making materials I could have at my disposal everywhere. If it was on my computer, I could have it with me!

Copy. Print. Project.

In my online store, I’ve got hundreds of highly engaging materials to help you out.


​A recorder method you can copy without breaking copyright! Every student can have their own copy of the book without the extra price tag.

My Kodaly-Aspiring Recorder Method follows solfege without worrying about new note names. This method uses what they already know: solfege and rhythm syllables. Focusing on introduction of the fingering instead of the note name helps students understand by using a known concept instead of the idea of note names which can be very abstract for some kids.


Classroom decor for music rooms and kids of all ages.
Bright and colorful.  Subdued and informative.


Folk Song files for Prepare Present Practice following the Kodaly method.
Project the slides, print the assessments.

To learn more about how I can help you out, click here.

I’m so excited to be part of your joyful music making!

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