1. KnowYourCopyrights.org
This one I pinned a few days ago, but as a Teacher-Seller, I thought it useful. As a classroom educator, and music educator, I found it AMAZING. It is the least attractive pin I have seen in FOREVER, but it uses attainable language, and lays things out in a way that makes sense.  Bookmark it, pin it, or make a big note in your planner, but save this one!

2.  Enhancing Retention.
This pin is from An Events in Instruction Series, and all 8 info graphics are pinned onto my “Learning Board”.  I saw this one first, and loved that it gave several different ideas to help retain info!
3.  Interactive Music Notebooks.  This post is actually from Aileen Miracle (the host of the linky party!).  She’s got some AMAZING ideas for implementing them in a music room!
4. This pin is AMAZING.  Best resource I have ever seen for teaching instruments of the orchestra.  Thank you so much Philharmonia Orchestra!!!
5. My last pin, is not really a pin, but a board.  This is a collaborative board I started called Support Music Education.  It is open to all music educators if they want to join.  If you want to just watch it, that is fine too!  No products, no adverts.  Only things to help any music teacher: research, info graphics and data.  Bookmark it in case you ever need it, or a friend needs it.  If you want to join the pinning, email me at [email protected] and leave me your Pinterest email.  Everyone who wants to is welcome!

I hope you enjoy them!

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