Several music teacher blogger friends and I have joined together for a blog hop. We’ve teamed together in order to collaborate as bloggers and bring you music education ideas using a variety of methodologies and approaches. However, before diving into music education topics, we thought it would be fun to organize a blog hop!

Before we continue on, there are 2 things you need to know!
#1 This is for us to! We want to get to know you!

  • We want a chance to get to know you! Understanding our current and past experiences helps us to form stronger professional learning communities, and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

#2. Giveaway

  • After you’re finished with the hop, you can enter a giveaway for your chance to win tons of teacher goodies that are sure to make you smile! Simply leave a comment on this post with an answer to the highlighted question at the bottom of EACH post.  When you reach the end of the blog hop, you’ll be able to enter the giveaway for your chance to win!

Seriously – check out the goodies!

So here are my questions!
1. What state am I in?  If you are a loyal reader, you know I am a Michigan girl! I am in the Metro Detroit/AnnArbor area of the state but have family on the west side, and have very strong ties to the city right smack dab in the middle of the state (FIRE UP CHIPS!)  Some of my favorite things about being a Michigan girl:
– I always have a map!
– Lots of water! I am a water-aholic.  I love swimming, kayaking, and looking at water!
– I feel like I am close to lots to do without living in the middle of it.
– So much to explore!  Michigan has a huge tourism industry which suits me just fine.  I love to explore new places.  A long drive with the windows down, and a jaunt through a little town I don’t know sounds fine to me. Lucky for me that there are so many great towns in Michigan to explore! Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Mackinac, Mt. Pleasant (Even though I lived there for a while!), and don’t even get me started on the D!
2. What is my background/education experience?
I started band in 3rd grade with an amazing band director on the clarinet.  You can read about Wally here.
One day in 6th grade, he looked over at me and the next thing I knew, I was a saxophone player! (I’ve blogged pretty extensively about this before.) In short – I was a band kid and when I got to college (maybe a little off the path – something that happens to former big fish), I decided to join choir for fun.  One psychology degree later, more credits than I need for 2 degrees in choir and band, I was a member of Delta Omicron, a founder of the Kappa Kappa Psi chapter at CMU, and learned to deal with some horrific performance anxiety. I turned down a slot at one university on saxophone to attend CMU as a choral music ed major.  Finding myself as a vocalist was amazing.  I’ve had a ton of awesome experiences in both the band and choral world.
Since graduation, I’ve taught at several schools – Montessoris, Catholic and Lutheran (incidentally, my current job is one of each).  This left me looking for a curriculum that can be used in any of those school (regardless of the resources they have).  I’ve considered myself a Kodaly inspired teacher for a while, but this summer I took level 1, and I can’t wait to go back for more!
So – in short – my background is really a mix of band and choir with a Kodaly influence.  Being so involved in both instrumental and choral worlds for so long, my current job is an amazing fit for me since I get to teach band, choir and general music!  I feel like I am (or at least I try to be) a person who balances those worlds.3.  What is your primary instrument?
I qualify my primary instrument as my voice (as you’ve just read), however, I am very willing to say I am a saxophone player as it makes up so much of who I am. I know for certain I would never have done at least 5 dozen different things that led to me being a voice major at CMU if I hadn’t been a saxophone player first.  I also play a Croatian string instrument from the tamburitza family called the prim, but I can’t really major in that…:)So now it is your turn!  What is your primary instrument? 
After you’ve commented with your answer to the question above, simply click on the image below to go to the next stop in the blog hop! The next blog that had been linked here does not exist any longer.
Congrats to Lauren Danloe who won our goodie giveaway! 🙂 

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