Today I am linking up with Lindsay at the Pursuit of Joyfulness Blog.  She is kind enough to host this link party.  I’m really excited to share my idea today which I’ve had in my TpT store for a while, but I haven’t blogged about it: my Note Manipulatives!
These are some pretty fun little manipulatives I created for my Montessori students this year.  I created a 5 line staff, clefs, note heads with and without note names, chord cards and even numbers for time signatures.
These have been AWESOME in my room this year!
My younger kids have practiced putting the notes on the lines and spaces, and made a reminder visual to keep in their recorder folder.  Soon, my junior high students will be using these to create chords, and another group will be using these for bass clef.
I can also use these in conjunction with my Rhythm Manipulatives
These were put together to help students create different rhythm patterns.  They have different meter, notes and rests arranged by length. These are great for my students who get too involved the composition process that they forget to make sure a measure is only certain length.  (It happens!)
All of this can be found in my TpT store if you click the link on the title page for the products, or the TpT link on my sidebar.

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