With it being the holiday/gift giving season, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things that I think any music teacher would love that you might want for your wish list. Full disclosure: A few affiliate links. I get a small kick back and it won’t change your price. No pressure!

Ember Mug

You all know the constant teacher joke about iced coffee/tea? Just get hot stuff and then go about your day and drink it cold? NO MORE. This was a Christmas gift for me a few years ago, and I adore this mug still. Using the accompanying app and you can control the temperature and keep your drink hot! The charge doesn’t last too long, especially if you are putting something that has already lost some heat in it, but I like keeping it on the charging coaster and my coffee stays warm! I have the first version

Wee Stand from Noisy Clan

If you’ve ever carried a music stand out for a performance and awkwardly carried the long case for those fold up metal stands, this is your new best friend. I got this on Kickstarter a year or so ago and I love it even for practicing at home. The kicker is, it shrinks to super compact to carry and could easily fit in cases with a large pocket, or the bag you bring your music in. It even has flaps to hold music on the stand that fold in and out and can actually handle a book behind them! The stand has telescoping legs so you can adjust to the height you need easily, and the platform part folds into threes so that it is super compact. Take a look below! Click here to check it out.

Kitchen Timer

Timers are great for centers, and this one is perfect for 5 minute increments. Instead of a jolting buzzer or beep, this one plays a brief excerpt of ‘Rondo Alla Turca”. If you can’t use it at school, baking will be a lot more pleasant than the oven timer!

Teacher Tees

Teacher Tees are all the trend and I’ve got a few designs in my Etsy store that I adore! Check out the music teacher themed tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more in my Etsy shop here.

I hope this has given you some wish list ideas!

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