Ok, I totally sang that. Opera can have a bad rap. Boring, for old people, for stodgy people, or just not cool. But opera can be downright awesome! Introducing your students to opera can take out some of the myths, and show them that opera can be exciting for everyone! Here’s a collection of resources for teaching about opera in the elementary music classroom.

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Some Resources


Some Productions:

A Few Books

Welcome to the Opera: Discover the Enchanting World of Opera with Mozart’s The Magic Flute
Author: Carolyn Sloan
Illustrator: Kaly Quarles
ISBN: 978-1523516964
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Welcome to the Opera is a must have for your classroom! This adorable book features some cute little puppies taking a trip to the opera to see The Magic Flute. Not only is it a cute little story but it explains elements of the opera, drama, musical terms, and has sound clips to listen to as well.

Bravo! Brava! A Night at the Opera: Behind the Scenes with Composers, Cast, and Crew 
Author: Ann Siberell
ISBN: 978-0195139662
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This is a more in depth look at parts of the opera, how things work such as parts of the stage, things like the stage manager, costuming, and about opera in general. This is a great resource to build a unit on!

The Barefoot Book of Stories from the Opera
Author: Shahrukh Husain
Illustrator: James Mayhew
ISBN: 978-1902283289
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This book is 7 operas written as stories. Great for an introduction to specific operas.

A Soup Opera
Author: David Gill
Illustrator: David Moose
ISBN: 978-0981572109
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An illustrated comic opera perfect for some fun! This poor guy just wants some soup.

Fun Game

Opera or Cheese is a cheesy, funny way to add to an opera unit. Let students guess if the work is a title, or the name of a cheese! It also works great for subs! Comes with info about each cheese and a quick info about the operas. Check it out here.

I hope this gives you some great ideas about incorporating opera in the elementary music classroom!

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