Pinterest Tips for Music Teaches

Lots of us go to Pinterest for Inspiration.  If you are like me, you live on Pinterest.


Lemon Links
You get there and find this AWESOME photo.  Lights go off and you are picturing this in your classroom and all the accolades coming from your admin when you implement it.  You click the link.  And then you see it.  The s-media-cache link.  The small grainy image that looks nothing like the Pin you just saw.  UGH!  If it was a car, it would be a lemon

But wait.  Copy that media link.  


Drop it in your BFF – GOOGLE.  Search by image.


Find the link that has the photo but doesn’t re-direct back to Pinterest. Click that link and find the image on the page.

It's a LEMON

Go back to Pinterest and pin that dead image.  Then edit your Pin and paste the URL address into the ‘website’ link.  Save and voila! You have a live Pin with the correct link!

Copy the Image Address

 Who to Follow
But what if you knew a bunch of people who don’t propagate dead links on Pinterest? Check out this free ebook – you might have seen it on Pinterest – to get to know some of the more prominent music teachers on Pinterest.  (And get some freebies for back to school!) Also, check the links at the bottom from the Linky party for Music Teachers on Pinterest.

Music Teacher Ebook

Collaborative Boards
Now that you know some awesome Pinners, you can make sure you follow one of the most fabulous things on Pinterest – the Collaborative Board.  There are some awesome boards on Pinterest that have multiple Pinners who add Pins.  Collaborative boards have a little image of two people in the top right corner just like this Support Music Education Board.  You can find lots of collaborative boards by browsing through the boards of your favorite pinners!



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