I always love to play “Staff Races” with my students.   I draw a big staff on the ground in chalk, or on the board.  I have a ‘starting line’, and then students race to the staff.  The first person to get their hand or foot on the right line or space get a point for their team.  (I never let the kids run when I have an overly competitive class.  I’m always too afraid someone will get hurt!)

After students start showing understanding, I will have them race to form words with teammates instead of just one note. I love when we can play this outside! It’s a great game to cure the indoor blues.

This year, I was hoping to try a different method or two to try out! So here are 5 great ideas I’ve seen recently for working on Treble Clef note name practice. To do that, I’m introducing my Monthly Pin Round Up!  Each month, I’ll pick a different topic and share 5 awesome pins on the topic.

1.  Staff Twister
This one is a great idea! Staff twister sounds like a great idea!
2.  Connect Four
This one is a bit more of a general game that could be used for ANY topic, but I love the idea of putting cards with the notes on the staff down.  I think it would go pretty quickly so a real game could be played.
3. Musical Corn Hole
I never thought I’d say that, but this looks like a fun way to practice! I like the idea of the students picking a a note and then having to match the treble clef to the hole!  This would be amazing if you have kids that love this game
4. Swat the Staff 
This classic game is a really fun way to practice learning notes.  I’ve played this game before and used it this year as well.  I’m always a fan! 
5. Spelling Staff
I like this little center game, which could also be used as a full class activity.
I hope you enjoyed the Pin Roundup!! Have you seen any other great idea for practicing note names?  Definitely leave a comment if you have a new one!



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