This week on my Podcast, I’ve welcomed my first ever guest, Beth Duhon. Here are my big three take aways from our interview.

I was so excited to sit down with Beth to talk about self care. If you are a regular here on my blog or on my podcast, you know that it has been a big topic for me the last year. Here are my big take-aways from our chat.

1. If you’re saying yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else

I’ve said this before, but it’s so good to hear it from another person. We have to learn to say no. (I’m SO guilty of this.)

2. Basic self care isn’t social media is probably not the stuff you post on social media

But it could be. I have friends who prioritized health last year and posted a picture of themselves post workout. One of my Kodaly friends actually made healthful movement happen EVERY DAY LAST YEAR. (QUEEN!) If it’s what helps you make those a priority in your life, go ahead and post them.

3. Everyone has different self-soothing habits.

Some people eat, some people drink. some people (me) go shopping. If it’s what gets you through the day and it ISN’T harming you, then who cares. Go for it.

Read the Transcript.

Listen to the podcast.

Bio: Beth Duhon is, to borrow Tracy King’s phrase, the K-5 “ambassador of joy” at Morgan Elementary in Fulshear, TX. This is her sixth year teaching in Lamar Consolidated ISD. She has received over $14,000 in classroom grants for a keyboard lab, iPads, and music manipulatives in addition to regularly receiving travel grants for music education conferences.  She lives in Katy, TX with her husband and son.

Get ahold of Beth.
Check out the Self Care for the Music Educator Facebook Group.

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