Today I’m linking up with my good friend Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road Blog.  The idea is to celebrate the completion of small goals! So here are my goals for June.
1. Hit that 10,000 every day!
I JUST got a FitBit.  I’m already SO addicted.  I get going pretty much every day, but I haven’t hit 10,000 EVERY day.  The perfectionist in me knows that this is an easy way to get some exercise, even when I can’t bring myself to stop working to go to the gym.  I am just not someone that enjoys working out for the sake of working out.  But a lap with the dog, marching band practice, and my house work surprisingly add up quickly!2.  Eat more veggies!
My husband doesn’t like vegetables. Like, REALLY doesn’t like them.  I’m pretty good about trying to incorporate them into what I eat, even if he doesn’t, but I end up with frozen veggies more often than not.  Now that it is summer, bring on the fresh produce!

3.  Stop and do something else.
I’m totally guilty of working through the evening, staying up late, and hiding from the sun because I really like to work.  Not just on things for TPT, but for my band, lesson plans for school, finding the best arrangement, or making my own, and everything else in between that teachers do. I worked all through last summer, and I’m seeing a similar pattern already.  My big goal here is to take a whole day every week where I don’t work.  We’ll see how it goes.

What are your summer goals?



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