This song is one of my favorite songs to sing in class with my students. I love using the song with my youngest students to keep a beat. (If I can have them clap while a friend bounces a ball, that is always a favorite!) This it around the time of year I would introduce it to them to keep a steady beat in a different way.

I will always play the game (a little differently) with my older students as well.  I will have them stand in a circle and bounce the ball to the beat while they sing.  On “Shiloh”, they pass the ball to a friend and sing their name instead of “Shiloh”, then sit down when they have had a turn with the ball.  For a really big challenge, I will ask the students to line up in the order they passed the ball! This is a really great way to get them singing alone too!
This is a perfect song for Ta TiTi and La as well with older students.

I always include the slides for lyrics.  Even if the students aren’t reading yet, maybe they will catch a word or two!
I will show the kids the song with beat icons if we are singing the song.  With preschoolers and Kindergarten, I will just show slides with the beat. (If I do at all for the preschoolers.)  The older kids will get the slides with rhythm icons as well.
I use the stick notation, and present note heads when we get to half notes.  (But the file includes both!)
Slides to prep present and practice the melody. With icons, and the staff.
This is such a great song for a variety of activities.
The full set of slides is available on my TpT page. If you download any of my products, please be sure to leave feedback!



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