So…none of us like this, none of us are happy, but here we are. I’ve compiled a huge list and I will update as I find more. Some of this is my normal emergency sub plans, some is recent findings. I will also link to some things that I have either made free or discounted in my store that will work for distance learning. My Music or Not games are half off. Pasta or Composer, Opera or Cheese and City or Song all have more information on the composers, operas and songs. I will work to update other files and I will be uploading free worksheets that you can send to students so they can guess at home before they move on to each slide. Please know that these are some of my best selling items so while I wrestled with making them free, I believe that would be unfair to the many people who have bought them. If you post anything online, please post it in a place that is not public and that only your students/their parents have access to. I greatly appreciate it. 

Find discounted items in my store for this situation by clicking HERE.
Find a new product completely free in my store HERE.

I’ve put together some ideas, worksheets, parts of a few composing files that are timely (spring and musical instruments), lines and spaces, and my major scales worksheets for you which deal also with sharps and flats, enharmonic and building the major scale. Some of this is from files currently in my store that will work if you send to kids, others are new pages I made this week. I’ve also included a link to the lists on a student friendly page (No blog links, no picture of me, etc.) All of the following links can be found on a student friendly page that can be found by clicking HERE.

Websites with games, activities, videos

Instrumental Music Students

Videos to move to – good for younger students

Videos to Move To – Older Students

Learn to…

Great videos about music on YouTube

Musical Books Online

Great YouTube Channels

Teacher Tools
Not listed on Some of these have free subscriptions currently to help teachers out.

I will continue to update as I find new things. Good luck friends. If there is something I can do to help out or you feel an item in my store is going to make your situation easier but you are facing financial issues, please contact me.

Looking for more? Check out my post on Digital Music Rooms.


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