Today I’m linking up with Jen from Noteworthy By Jen to bring you my Five Favorite Freebies! 
1. First up, are these super cool rhythm practice cards from Ginny at Ginny’s Music Space.  

These are adorable and just plain old fun.  My kids really enjoyed them, and they are bright and colorful. 🙂

2. Next, from Shelley at Pitch Publications, this exceptionally useful and enlightening guide to Aurasma.

She’s got options for composing rhythmic compositions for 3 different levels, and its very simple to operate.  This could easily be a legitimate way to practice composition when you aren’t able to help as well (thinking sub days, no voice days, etc).  


4.  From Rachel at Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt.  She’s got this Time Signature Overview

Every time I’d heard about Aurasma, it was simply “oh, it’s so cool!” but without a legitimate explanation which was not only not helpful, but frustrating.  I wish someone had give me a better idea of what is is sooner, but this was EXTREMELY helpful to figure out what to do with it!


This is a really helpful resource, and not a common one on TpT.  Not only good for kids learning time signatures for the first time, but also would be great for middle school students who might not remember when they start in their performance based classes.

5. Last but not least, a freebie from me!
Check out my Naughty Kitty Cat file.  Perfect slides for Ta Rest, and I have two versions depending on which song you sing, Naughty Kitty Cat or Naughty Pussy Cat.

I hope you enjoy the freebies, and make sure you check out all the link ups! SO many good ideas!! 


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