You now around this part of the internet we love children’s literature. September 15-October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States. While I’m very much a person who makes sure that I cover different cultural groups all year and not just in ‘the’ month that is set aside. But I still think it’s important to cover them in that month. Here are 5 engaging Hispanic Heritage Month books for kids. (Full disclosure: some affiliate links but it won’t change your price. No pressure!) For more books, check out this post, and The Ultimate Music Ed Book List

1. Grandma’s Records

Author: Eric Velasquez
Illustrator: Eric Velasquez
ISBN: 978-0802776600
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This is a super sweet story about a boy and his grandma and their love of music. It’s also a wonderful tribute to Puerto Ricans and the song In My Old San Juan (En Mi Viejo San Juan).

2. Danza!: Amalia Hernández and El Ballet Folklórico de México

Author: Duncan Tonatiuh
ISBN: 978-1419725326
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This book is about Amalia Hernández, how she found dance and grew to create El Ballet Folklórico de México, one of the most successful dance companies in the world.

3. Carlos Santana Sound of the Heart, Song of the World

Author: Gary Golio
Illustrator: Rudy Gutierrez
ISBN: 978-1627795128
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This is the story of Carlos Santana, how he was inspired by his father José Santana, a mariachi, his life as a child, and how music was his light when the world was tough, and how music came alive when introduced to American blues musicians like Muddy Waters and BBKing.

4. Sing, Don’t Cry

Author: Angela Dominguez
Illustrator: Angela Dominguez
ISBN: 978-1250881847
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This book is another multigenerational book about Abuelo who comes to visit and teaching his grandchildren how singing helps him through his problems. Inspired by the author’s grandfather, an immigrant who lost his leg in a bus accident as a child, and a musician. Also inspired by the song Cielito Lindo.

5. Another Band’s Treasure: A Story of Recycled Instruments

Author: Hua Lin Zie
Illustrator: Hua Lin Zie
ISBN:  978-1728478234
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This graphic novel is inspired by La Orquestra de Instruments Reciclados de Cateura of Paraguay. This is great for your library and for your older students.

I hope this gives you some ideas for books to include this month, and any other time of year!

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