Halloween is a kid favorite holiday. If you celebrate in your school, it’s definitely one of those days that it’s better to go with the flow and give into the fun! Even then, there is still learning to be done, so here are some great FUN and educational activities for Halloween in the Music Classroom.

YouTube Play Alongs

Rhythm and Solfege Concepts

If you are still needing to work on some solfege and rhythm concepts, make sure you check out this post for 6 fun Halloween friendly songs.

Movement Activities

Don’t fight the excitement! Let students get the extra wiggles out with some planned movement activities. Teach a folk dance, do an extra Move It video, or a Go Noodle. Or buy into the Halloween fun and do a fun Halloween movement idea:

Other Activities

As always, giving your students a chance to be creative is a great way to let them feel in control when they are over excited.

This Halloween Composing is a great way to let them have some fun creating their own patterns. One of my favorite extension activities is to let them compose patterns and then put each word to a different boomwhacker tone (in minor!)

A fun (and funny) vocal exploration is a good way to engage them if you can’t get too off track. This animated vocal exploration is a kid favorite. My favorite is the witch on a vacuum.

Halloween Fun Composing Set. This composing set has 3 different ways to compose, a self assessment and a grading rubric. Click here to check it out.

Give Yourself a Break

It’s no fun for anyone when Halloween lands on a school night. Kids and teachers have a sugar h$ngover and there was definitely not enough sleep for anyone. If you need a few easy activities for the days after Halloween, check out this post and give everyone a little bit of a break.

I hope this gives you some great ideas for Halloween!

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