Last year, while teaching my students the state song, “Michigan, My Michigan”, the song I learned growing up, I discovered this is a lie.  In prepping my lesson, I found that this is not the true state song.  So the following class time, while telling them about this discovery, I instead had to tell my students why we couldn’t learn the real state song, and discussing copyright law.  The page on Michigan.gov, found here, tells of another song that is protected by copyright law.  Thus it is very unavailable, partially due to the royalty fees, but also to the lack of knowledge about it.  I felt very discouraged that instead of telling my students about the great state of Michigan that I love, I instead talked about the monetary aspect of music.  Cross Curricular studies? Yes.  Intended lesson? Definitely not. Thus I ask all music educators, all citizens of Michigan, and parents everywhere to sign this petition, share it with your colleagues, your family and friends.  Let’s make this right.

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