When Spring finally arrives, it hits differently. Everyone can feel it. There’s a little bit of excitement, and teachers and student alike are just a little bit over it.
Here are some great activities for spring that will keep everyone’s attention!

1. Sidewalk Chalk Staff

The sidewalk chalk staff is a super fun way to work on treble clef learning. Plus, outside music class. Who’s sad about that? Draw a HUGE treble clef on the ground and a “starting line”. Students can practice running to different notes, or creating words using multiple people. Break students into teams and draw a second staff to add a little more fun and and let two teams compete for speed.

Adaptation: If you have students that are differently abled which may affect speed, remove the race part of this game.

2. Singing Games for Outside

Some of my favorite singing games are the ones that the students love. I love that they love it. And of course, some of THEIR favorite games are the ones that are active games that are perfect for playing outside. Here’s some of my favorites:
Our Old Sow
Let Us Chase the Squirrel
Cut the Cake (Clap Your Hands Together)
Hogs in the Cornfield
We Are Dancing
Ducks and Geese (Or Come Back Home My Little Chicks)
Charlie Over the Ocean
King’s Land
Ye Toop Doram
Bounce High, Bounce Low
Yo Ho I Pulled the Anchor
Did You Ever See a Laddie/Lassie – Adapt to sing the student’s name instead of a gender pronoun. Have them do big motor movements or locomotor movement for this one.
Hop Old Squirrel
This is the Way/Early In the Morning

3. Spring Composing!

Last year I shared two of my favorite resources for composing in the spring. This book from Vicky Weber and my Spring Composing set make a great pair. Check out the ideas from the post here.

I hope that this has given you some ideas for spring!

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