An Intro To Composing

First up, this lovely book by Vicky Weber. The Song Garden is a perfect introduction to a composing lesson. (Full disclosure: some affiliate links but it won’t change your price. No pressure!)

This book is about a girl name Calla who plants flowers to compose a song as part of the town’s celebrations.
She gets to compose a song using flowers.

What is wonderful about this story is the apprehension she has about composing on her own. She discovers that there is no right way to write a song. This is perfect for young students as a reminder that it is ok to not be “perfect”, to make it their own and to put their own ideas down without fear of judgement.

Spring Composing

This composing file is a lovely pair for The Song Garden. My spring composing file gives students parameters, helps keep phrases consistent, and helps them create patterns on a spring theme.

I hope that these two great spring composing resources give you a great place to start for composing with your students. This pairing is sure to get them feeing creative and confident in their endeavors!

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