No matter how you feel about the holiday, there’s no denying students love another reason for a bit of fun, sugary snacks and a little down time from normal activities. I thought I’d give a quick roundup of some Valentines Day Songs and Activities for Music Class to help make lesson planning easier!

Valentine, Red and Blue

Solfege Set: drms
Rhythm Set: ta, ta rest, ti-ti, ta-a

I Got a Letter This Morning

Solfege Set: l,drm
Rhythm Set: ta, ti-ti, ta-a, syncopa

This one is great if you want to avoid the overly romantic. Simply mail themed, is an easy way to feel like Valentine’s without pushing the holiday too much.

Game: Four “finders” hide their eyes. Four other students hide envelopes around the room. Students sing the song three times while the “finders” look for the envelopes.
Variation: The envelopes have a pattern the students must perform.

Ida Red

Solfege Set: drmsl
Rhythm Set: ta, ti-ti, tika-ti, ti-tika

Another one that doesn’t feel super valentine-y, but sticks with a mail theme.

Game: Children create rhymes for different colors.
Variant: One person travel around the circle with two envelopes. Ones says “Ida Red” the other says “Ida Blue”.  Inside each envelope is an action like crawl, skip, gallop, twirl, crabwalk, hop on one foot, etc. On the last word of the song, the person with the envelopes stops between the two closest people and hands an envelope to each. They take out one card then when I say go, they race around the circle performing that action. If I feel one has an unfair advantage (like crab walk vs. run), I can make one go around twice. The winner gets to be “it” and the game resumes.

Love Somebody

Solfege Set: drmfs
Rhythm Set: ta, ti-ti, tika tika

Game: One child is “it”. They think of the name of another child. The class has three guesses to see who is the new it.

Check out this resource for Love Somebody

Some Resources

Animated Favorite Pairs Vocal Exploration

This fun vocal exploration pairs up student favorites with a slightly sweet looking background but without pushing the holiday. This is an awesome one if you can’t outright celebrate the holiday in your classroom. Check it out here.

Valentine’s Day Composing

I’ve got two options if you want to let your students get creative for the holiday.

This one has several different words that you can use to create long patterns. Check it out here.

This one allows for shorter compositions, and has three options for how to compose including ostinato creation. Check it out here.

Sweet Treats

This Cupcake Matching Game is great for practicing musical terms and is perfect for centers!

This fun little set is perfect if you want to give your students some music themed valentines! Diverse kid options, and a Liszt pun, all for free! What more could you want? 😉 Snag them here.

I hope that this has given you a head start on some fun Valentine’s Day activities for your class!

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