Today I’m linking up with Jennifer at The Yellow Brick Road.  She had the awesome idea of doing a linky party for books!
Definitely hop on over and get some ideas for what to read next!I’m going to share three books with you.   I usually have at least 2 going.  One more ‘professional’, and one ‘fun’. My fun books are always what I’m reading on the treadmill at the gym.  If I don’t read, I don’t focus on anything and then I’m ready to stop my workout 10 minutes in.  If I am reading an easy book, I can stay motivated!


This is actually a little embarrassing, and I’ve read the book quite a few times.  Usually in January.  The first time I read Confessions of a Shopaholic,  I was so overwhelmed by her shopping that I tend to read it when I try to do a New Year’s Resolution.  Her shopping and inability to control herself is all I need to be motivated!  10 pages later, I’m a nervous wreck and have sworn off shopping for the next 20 years. Read with caution!


2.  My ‘professional’ book: 
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge jazz nut.  I just recently bought myself my first ever iPad (yay!) and I decided that I was going to check out iBooks. I’ve never really understood the appeal of reading books on your phone (unless you are that bored somewhere and download one).  I have a Nook that I use at the gym, and if I am sitting around the house, but I thought it might be fun to use iBooks sometimes.  So as I was browsing for an inexpensive book, I came across a Vook book called “Jazz: A Brief History” by Charles River Editors.  It is a short little book that VERY briefly goes over jazz through the modern time.  It’s only 35 pages, which is a little bit of a disappointment. (And meant I finished it in one sitting yesterday.)   I need something new in this category since this was such a quick read! 🙁

3. The School Book
I am SO excited for this book.  I just got it this week.  Shelley at Pitch Publications put together this amazing resource for teaching solfege to kids. She includes some traditional folk songs, songs she wrote, games and ideas.  This would be an AMAZING resource to get no matter what teaching method you subscribe to – Kodaly, CS, Orff or something else.  If I had a student teacher, I would hands down give them a copy of this, as they figure out what method they would want to explore. And if they were working in Kodaly, they would just follow in order! There are so many ideas in here.  I liked it so much, I printed it and had it bound so I could reference it. Check it out here:  Pitch Publications.  It is all cute and colorful, but since I always have my computer with me, I printed it in B&W.I teach based on the Kodaly method, but I will definitely be using this in my classroom! 
Make sure you check out the other recommendations from music teachers at the Yellow Brick Road Blog!



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