There has been so much negative about teachers and teaching the last few years. I thought it would be nice to take the last official back to school kick off day to hear some amazing things about teaching music instead. From you. I asked my email list for the things they were looking forward to this year. There were so many answers I couldn’t include them all, but here’s some of the amazing answers I got about what music teachers are looking forward to this year.

I just have to say how many people said movement, singing, and performing. I’m so happy for these things to be coming back!

Karen W

Looking forward to having a sea of smiling, excited students ready to take on the year by singing, dancing, creating and experiencing the joy of making music together!!

Jane E.

I am excited that we can play singing games in a circle this year! We have been in rows of chairs for two years.

Lauren R

I am looking forward to connecting with my students’ families and bring use them as culture bearers. 

Karen D

Since being at my district for 3 year I have seen the improvement and progress I didn’t even know was possible.  I am most looking forward short term to seeing my students be able to think for themselves in music terms.  Play and sing better than they did last year. And truly being proud of what they have accomplished.   Long term to see my students become lovers of music singing, dancing, playing.  Love to see my students become musicians.  

Johanna G

I’m looking forward to teaching recorders (yes – recorders!) I’ve actually missed them in the last couple of years.

Joe H

I have been building up my library with books that I look forward to implementing into my lesson plans! 

Beth S

Looking forward to a fresh start, and trying to to do some things better. Focusing on individual student needs and social-emotional learning.  Also to a full season of choir! 

Maddie R

I am looking forward to honing my skills in year 2 of teaching by becoming more organized in my lesson planning!

Carolyn R

I am looking forward to making sure my students feel noticed and appreciated this year. I am doing a “Notice Note” at the end of each class where I “notice” something awesome that someone did (listening, playing instruments, dance moves, etc). Everyone will be noticed by the end of the year.

Mary Ella S

Seeing kids SMILES!!!

Kathleen T

 I am mostly looking forward to reconnecting my students this year in more affirming and meaningful ways.

Stephanie R

I am so excited for my 4th grade choir this year! We moved it to two mornings a week instead of one afternoon, and that let me collect all my sports playing boys who wouldn’t have been able to otherwise! We have 84 4th graders so far!!! 

Laura G

I’m looking forward to some healing and laughter in my classroom. 

Alison V

I am looking forward to holding choir rehearsals again! It has been two years since we’ve been able to safely gather for choir, and I miss it terribly. I am looking forward to building connections and deepening relationships with students through choir, expanding their music experience, trying out some new repertoire, and all the wonderful adventures and performance opportunities that come with it.

Abi P

In looking forward to being the light in the darkness for many of my students.  They are tested, labeled, and pushed too hard, and many see little joy at home or school.  Music should be that spark of joy and comfort during the week!   I love it when a student sees me in the hall and is so excited because it is finally their music day! 

Betty B

I am looking forward to seeing my “kids” next week when school opens, to see them learn and grow in knowledge of music (as well as other classes), to grow in their faith, and to hear them greet me with “Hola Señora B” as I see them in the hall. (I also teach K – 8 Spanish!). 

Anna O

I’m looking forward to students really getting to hear what they play and enjoy their own playing no matter their beginner levels. No comparison to others, just enjoying their own music.

Natalie M

I am looking forward to new adventures! With my students, I plan to set out on a journey to explore 2-3 different countries from all the continents. We’ll learn about their location, a little history, culture and of course music. 

Marissa M

I am looking forward to working with my chorus this year. I have 25 students signed up, which is the most I’ve ever had at this school!

Nancy B

I am looking forward to making great memories in my music class in my OWN room (been on a cart for the last 2 years).  Also looking forward to having my kids performing again!

Tiffany P

I’m focusing on “roots” connections this year. I will be asking each family throughout the course of the year what and how music has been a part of their family traditions.


I’m looking forward to seeing my students’ successes!

I hope you loved this as much as I loved reading them. What are you looking forward to this year? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment or send me an email!

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