The end of the school year can feel like a freight train. Between concerts, cleaning up, trying to finalize all the lesson plans, concepts, and get grades in, we can sometimes feel like we have no control. Here are some tips to help you feel in control as we wind down the school year.

Figure out what’s necessary

Take a look at your plans and take note of what has to be done before the end of the year. Make note of lessons that have to be taught, things that have to be done, and assessments that need to be recorded.

Find natural stopping places

Unless you had no unplanned days for snow, weather, sickness, field trips, concerts or whatever else, (WHOA! How did you do that!?) and your year plan ended up perfect, chances are you aren’t exactly where you want to be in your sequence. Find the natural stopping place on your concepts whether you are in prepare or practice so that you can pick it up with your classes next year.

If you have extra time, this is a great place to put in some of those units you wish you had more time for! Not only will you get to some of the stuff you didn’t think you had time for, but a change in pace will help keep your students engaged.

Mark down where each grade is conceptually

Seems simple, but this will help you make sure you don’t forget over the summer, and you know where to come back to classes in back to school reviews.

Student Surveys

Sometimes you don’t realize what students LOVE. Take 5 minutes at the end of class one day and give them all an exit ticket to see what their favorite activities were this year. Let them write down more than one if they have a few ideas! It will help you know what was a huge hit that you might not have realized!

Make some notes

Just like asking your students, make some notes for yourself! What did YOU like or not like this year. Make note if you had a unit that zapped your joy. This way you can focus on those things if you do spend any time working on your plans this summer you can remember what you don’t want to do again or need to revamp.

Self Care

Insert self-care lecture here. You know the drill. However…

  • If you don’t get to save days, use them.
  • Take a personal day to get stuff done or to have a you day if you think you need it.
  • Get some water in you in addition to all that caffeine.
  • Remember if you are completely at your end, things WILL take you longer. Get some sleep!
  • Set a timer for all your tasks. Give yourself a deadline and let it end.

I hope this helps you wind down the school year!

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