A lot of teachers and schools are incorporating Lunar New Year into their yearly plans. Lunar New Year is not a celebration specific to China. As with other cultural celebrations, please buy resources from creators who are actually of Asian descent and celebrate Lunar New Year. Although I am part Chinese, the Asian side of my family is mostly Americanized Filipino due to the location and time my grandparents came to the US. This is part of my learning about my culture.

“Lunar New Year is a celebration of the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar. It is the most important holiday in China, and it is also widely celebrated in South Korea, Vietnam, and countries with a significant overseas Chinese population.” Source

Lunar New Year in China

China is one of several countries that celebrate Lunar New Year and some of the traditions that are celebrated here are the most commonly associated with Lunar New Year

  • Cleaning, opening windows
  • The color red for luck
  • Dancing
  • Fireworks
  • Lanterns
  • Traditional foods for luck and prosperity
  • Visit temple, family
  • Lion – luck and happiness
  • Dragon – braveness and power


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Title: Alex’s Good Fortune
Author: Benson Shum
ISBN: 978-0593222935
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Title: Golden Blooms
Author: Y.T. Tran
ISBN: 978-0999307915
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Title: Bee-Bim Bop!
Author: Linda Sue Park
Illustrator: Ho Baek Lee
ISBN: 978-0547076713
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Title: Filipino Celebrations
Author: Liana Romulo
Illustrator: Corazon Dandan-Albano
ISBN: 978-0804838214
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Title: The Runaway Wok
Author: Ying Chang Compestine
Illustrator: Sebastia Serra
ISBN: 978-0525420682
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Title: Dim Sum for Everyone
Author, Illustrator: Grace Lin
ISBN: 978-0385754880
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Title: Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas
Author: Natasha Yim
Illustrator: Grace Zong
ISBN: 978-1580896535
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Title: Big Cities Little Foodies: Tastes of Lunar New Year
Authors: Cheryl Yau Chepusova, Isabel Foo
Illustrator: Mori Chiang
ISBN: 978-1733820950
Not available on Amazon. Find here: https://www.littlepicnicpress.com/products/lunar-new-year

YouTube Videos

Lion Dance

The Lion Dance is performed by two dancers to bring prosperity and good luck for the coming year. More info about the Lion Dance here.

Dragon Dance

The dragon dance is performed by several people. I like this one featuring younger dancers so that students can relate to it a little more easily. It also has a part where the dragon winds itself up like when you play Snail Snail so it can help students create a connection. More info about the Dragon Dance here.

I hope this has given you a start on how to incorporate Lunar New Year into your classes this year!

Looking for an activity? Try Lunar New Year Composing. This set has three different ways to compose. Check it out here.

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