Summer break can definitely mean vacations. Even if it’s a stay-cation because gas prices are ridiculous, sometimes, if you have kids, they still want a souvenir or tchotchke. These cheap toys for music class are the common check-out-lane-truck-stop-they-won’t-play-with-it-next-week toys that you can steal when they are done with the novelty. Or if you don’t have kids like me, then you just buy them anyway…

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Suction Cup Ball

This is a favorite because you can use these in centers, toss them at your whiteboard/smartboard (if you trust your students!) and are great for activities where the students toss a ball and then play/sing/read whatever it lands on. This one lights up too!

Hi-Bounce Stick Ball

These are great for any rhythm bouncing activities or games you need a ball. I love these because it’s not something I have to keep inflated, it’s easy to pass a bunch out and they store in small spaces. Plus you don’t have to try to borrow balls from the Phys. Ed teacher. They are available on Amazon as a single, or in packs.

Animal Toys

This gem is a fake animal paw made out of some foam type product. I can’t find a similar product on Amazon so this is definitely a keep your eyes peeled sort of thing. You wear this on your hand so that it looks like you have a paw. This is a great option for a song like Doggie Doggie and the student who is the dog can wear it (or two). Little animal toys are really fun and help take away some of the stress of solo singing or being it. Some of these places have great options for fun animal toys so it’s always a fun little treasure hunt to see what you can find.

Rubber Pop Up Toy

You know you had this as a kid or found it at the local fair as a prize on that game you stunk at. These are a super fun Vocal Exploration toy! Make sure you have enough space and work on high/low with your students. This a perfect way to practice VE if you are having outside music class. You can get a pack of 12 here.

The Helicopter Toy

Another fun one for Vocal Exploration, this one doesn’t go up and down as fast as the Popping Toy. This is another fun option for vocal exploration outside. Get a pack of 20 here.
Teacher Tip: If you let the kids send this flying, a pair of goggles is a good idea.

The Number Puzzle

This was one of my favorites as a kid but I had a Minnie Mouse one. This one needs a little bit of prep. I used washi tape to cover the numbers so I can easily change them out but you could use paint or a better tape. I think this could be a fun way to allow kids to write out a pattern, take dictation, or create a small 16 beat composition. For the blank spot, I’d tell them to use it as a quarter rest. This was cheaper where I found it at the toy store, but this pack of 6 on Amazon would be perfect if you want to use a few of them a center.

I hope that this has given you some ideas of fun things you can find for your classroom! If you are looking for more inexpensive options for the music class, these are my three must have inexpensive instruments!

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