Lit & Listen: Pan De Sal Saves the Day – Worksheets, Listening, Composing & More

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This set of activities is an awesome accompaniment to the book “Pan de Sal Saves the Day”.

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This set of activities is an awesome accompaniment to the book “Pan de Sal Saves the Day”.

Pan de Sal Saves the day is a dual language English/Tagalog book is about Pan de Sal, a shy child named for the Filipino bread of the same name, who feels out of place. She doesn’t feel as pretty or have as much as her classmates Croissant, Danish, Donut, and other pastry named kids. When she and her classmates get stranded, she saves the day with the things she was nervous to share before. This book is a great way to use a non-musical storybook to create a musical lesson.

– Composition worksheets with stick and regular notation with the characters’ names.

– Writing prompts for students on how they could save the day, or their reactions as if they were a student that got stranded.

– Listening – This book doesn’t disappoint for great examples. Pan de Sal sings 3 kundiman songs to her friends and a Filipino folk song. Includes listening links for the four songs that Pan de Sal sings in the book.
– Listening Reactions – Listening worksheets for the 4 songs in the book.

– Learn some Tagalog! Even as a dual language book with English and Tagalog on each page, some of the words Pan de Sal uses are strictly in Tagalog. This offers a great way to introduce some very important cultural things in the Philippines.

– An introduction to play sipa – It’s a favorite children’s game with variations that turned in a professional sport. This could be a great outdoor activity or cross-curricular activity with Physical Education Class.

– Word search – a word search of the characters’ names for early finishers or subs.

– Posters to show what each of the pastries the characters are named for in the story look like.

– Image to introduce the banduria, a folk instrument from the Philippines that is used in one of the listening examples.

Melissa Stouffer is not affiliated with the author or publisher of Pan De Sal Saves the Day. This product is designed to be used as a companion for Pan De Sal Saves the Day, not as a stand-alone product.

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