When you go to plan, do you hunt and peck for ideas? Are you constantly looking for a song that has that concept, can talk about XYZ, or the like? Let’s talk about Concept Plans. Life changing. 

What’s in them?

  • Concepts the kids already need to know
  • A song list
  • Teaching materials you will need and use for the activities and songs you are choosing such as manipulatives, books, files, etc.
  • A list of the ways you will prepare, present and practice the concept. This list includes visual, aural and kinesthetic ways for each stage.
  • A checklist for student readiness to move to the present stage.

Sounds easy enough, but it does take some forward prep on your part!

Where do I start?

  • Find your songs. You probably can fill in at least some of the songs you know already and put them in the list.
  • Fill in the songs you want to present with and the ones you want to use to prepare the concept. This can even include early prep while the songs are just touching the concept as you practice something else.
  • Add in the ways you practice. This can include:
    • Initial practice
    • Reading practice
    • Writing practice
    • Partwork
    • Memory work
    • Inner hearing
    • Improvisation
  • Any of the awesome things you see online for a specific concept. Play along for tika tika? Add it to the concept plan. Folk dance that features half note in the music? Add it to the concept plan.
  • When you find a new song, add it to the list. Switch out songs that might work for something if you want to change literature.

How does all this work help me?

  • When you go to make your plans for the kids, you have listed everything you want to be a part of teaching a concept.
  • Each point can be a different activity in a lesson. If you are preparing a rhythm concept and practicing a solfege one, an activity or two from each concept plan can make up part of the lesson plan.
  • Add in a book, a dance, or something else as that you want to be part of the lesson or that supports something like the culture of a song and you are done.
  • No more hunting and pecking for something to fit the concept!

Click here for a free concept plan template.

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