When my friend Kelly from Rhythmically Yours told me about her new new manipulatives, I HAD to buy some. Even though I basically live with my laminator, I always like incorporating harder manipulatives when possible. These sustainable rhythm manipulatives are just what the teacher ordered.

So these wooden manipulatives come with three different rhythm notation (quarter, eighth, and quarter rest).

There are 4 beat strips for students as shown above. These are an easy set to hand out to students.

And she also has a 16 beat chart for teachers or longer rhythms.

So how do you use rhythm manipulatives?

Just a quick look at these wonderful manipulatives and you can easily use them right away with some simple work in the classroom.

  • Dictation practice in centers or individual work.
    Listen to a 4 beat pattern and write it out.
  • Use the 16 beat version to work on form.
  • Pattern creation
    Students create their own
  • Early stage writing
    Students read a pattern or take dictation then write out. In early writing, students often copy to ensure accuracy.
  • Copy then write
    Students arrange the pattern they see, or translate from icons than write.
  • Copy or write then play
    Students create the pattern then write.

Snag the manipulatives from Kelly’s Etsy Store.

Looking for more ideas? Check out this post about manipulatives.

I hope this is helpful!

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