Happy almost break!

As we wind down (or run full steam ahead), I wanted to stop and wish you all a Happy Holiday. Thanks so much for being an amazing supporter, reading the posts I put out, and supporting my small business for the last nine (!!!) years. This will be my last post of 2023 but I’ll be back with more great ideas for the music classroom in 2024! You know I’m an advocate for self-care, so let’s make a list of some things you NEED to do this break.

1. Sip something cozy

There is something about a warm mug of anything that is good for the soul. Grab your favorite drink or a special treat and enjoy a nice long sit and relax.

2. Get some SLEEP

Catch up. Bank some extra zzzs and remind your pillow who you are.

3. Check out

Remove your school email from your phone. Turn off your device and experience some school free time. Don’t answer emails or calls from coworkers or admins (unless your teacher bestie texts some non-school related stuff!) and remind yourself that you are more than a music teacher. Don’t grade, don’t lesson plan, and don’t prep concerts. If you really feel the need, take ONE day, set a timer for a few hours, and put it away when the deadline comes.

4. Tech Reset

  • Backup all your documents
  • Make sure you have documents you need/want to use again in your personal Google Drive or backed up on a personal drive. (I definitely advocate for using a personal drive. Check out this post for more Google Drive tips.
  • Update all the apps and systems.
  • Clear out things you don’t use or won’t need ever again.
  • Check that you have the appropriate chargers in the right places/where you need them.
  • Physically give your tech a clean. New screen protectors if you need them, dust, clean the screen, and clear out the ports from debris.

5. Health Reset

Let’s be realistic. There are too many cookies, too many late evenings, eating some comfort food, quick meals, and extra snacks plus lots going on in our personal lives too. By the time break rolls around, most of us have been neglecting our health, our balanced eating, and probably exercising less. While you are in the midst of a break, start to reset your healthful habits. Don’t go cold turkey! Just find a little balance. Add a little more water.

6. Embrace Hygge

Pronounced “hooga”, it’s the Danish concept of “taking time away from the daily rush to be together with people you care about – or even by yourself – to relax and enjoy life’s quieter pleasures.” (Source) So spend some time with your loved ones, un-plan a few days, and enjoy legitimately slow days.

7. Get Cozy

While we’re talking about Hygge, add to it with some serious cozy. Light some candles, grab that cozy beverage, and snuggle up with a warm blanket, your puppy, your kitty, and your kids. Put on some chill music, read a book, and embrace relaxation without guilt.

8. Recharge yourself

Take a self care night, or enjoy a bubble bath, or schedule a massage. Do the things that you need to do to feel more like yourself, a little more functional, and in a better place for the new year.

Looking for more ideas? Check out This Music Teacher’s Guide to Holiday Break.

Hope you have a wonderful break!

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