I know that while we are in full holiday mode right now, some teachers can’t use holiday songs in their classrooms. Whether you need things for winter come January, or you want to embrace the season without a holiday, here are two frosty songs for winter!

Little Jacky Jack Frost

Folk Song Analysis
4/4: ta, ti-ti, ta rest
Tone Set: s,l,t,drms
Form: ABAB’

Second Verse:

Little Jacky Jack Frost, thinks it’s fun.
Knocking all the leaves down, one by one.
When the winter winds begin to blow WOOOOOOOOH
Little Jacky Jack Frost laughs HO HO!!!
*If you have anyone objected to Ho Ho as too close to Santa, you can easily change this to Ha Ha.

This song could be used for conceptual learning rhythm or form for younger students or melodically for older students. You could also do the 1st verse as a beat keeping passing game.

Frosty Weather

Folk Song Analysis
4/4: ta, tim-ka, tam, ka
Tone Set: lsmrd
Form: ABC

Game Formation: Single circle with hands held.
Sing and step together in a clockwise direction.
Stop and face center during “when the wind blows.”
Step toward the center during “we all go together.”
While chanting “1,2,3” take 3 steps back to original circle positions.

This one is a song you can do with younger students even though the music is more difficult. Melodically it’s only a range of a sixth, so you can use this as a way to practice making circles with K’s and 1sts. Change the “frosty” to other kinds of weather too.

I hope this gives you some inspiration!

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