Coming back in January is sometimes refreshing, sometimes, not. I always get the post-holiday “what just happened” daze from all the things. So what do you do to make sure you are covering all your bases and still being effective? Here’s some things that will help you be a better teacher in one week!

1. Drink some water

Feeling stressed? Drink some water. Before bed? Drink some water. Waking up? Drink some water. Back to back classes? Drink some water. Yes I realize the impracticalities of saying drink water if you can’t run to the restroom in the middle of the day but otherwise, make sure you are hydrating. We function better, it helps our bodies be more effective, it’s great for our brain, and all those sorts of things. But making sure we stay hydrated helps us function our best. Besides, you will teach your best when you feel your best!

2. Put it away and go to bed/go home

I’m totally an advocate for not bringing work home, or setting a timer, but I know I slip. Often. Set that timer, and just be done. That timer is your deadline. That’s when it’s due. Check it off, put it away and step away from work. If you haven’t established boundaries with work yet, the new year is a great time to start!

3. Refocus

Check in on your goals.

  • What are you big goals this year?
  • What were your student growth goals?
  • What do you have set for professional goals?
  • What are the big important things coming up professionally and personally?

Reassess where you’re at, what needs to be done, and plot it out.

4. Make sure you are planning your self care

Schedule it. Stick to your schedule. If that means you set a hard stop time for work at 5pm, 3pm, or a block from 6-7 every night after dinner followed by time to read, watch TV, do your 10 step skin care or simply spend time with your loved ones, plan it and stick to that schedule.

5. Sustainable

I’ve talked about a sustainable schedule before. Not green, but in terms of your health and time. Set due dates, design your calendar around your personal life first, and more. Check out this post for some more ideas.

6. Turn off the noise

Disable notifications except the bare minimum. Texts and calls. Turn off emails, FB, Instagram, and everything else. You will feel so much more in control.

7. Add in short professional reading

Like this blog… 🙂 Or articles from OAKE, AOSA, NAfME, or other organizations you might belong to. Take a little time every week to get ideas, find out about new methods, check out new music, and get some inspiration!

I hope this has given you a few ideas!

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